8th Grade Band- Period 6-FY Assignments

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Past Assignments


LGPE Music in Google Classroom

LGPE Music

Use the link below to access recordings of our LGPE music. Listen to and practice along with these recordings often at home (at least once per week) so that you prepared to play your best.


Festival Band Audition in Google Classroom

Festival Band Audition

Click the link and follow the instructions to submit your audition video for Festival Band.


Pep Band Music Flip Grid in Google Classroom

Pep Band Music Flip Grid

Click below to complete your Flip Grid assignment for your Pep Band music.


Rockin' Rod's 16th Rhythms Worksheet in Google Classroom

Rockin' Rod's 16th Rhythms Worksheet

Complete and submit this worksheet using Kami.

If you cannot get Kami to work, you can print the sheet, complete by hand, and email Mr. Wendel a picture of it.


SI Online Practice in Google Classroom

SI Online Practice

1. Access SI Online by clicking the link below. Use the 5 digit code on the back of your SI Book 2 to activate your online account. 
2. Watch the videos under "Sound Review" to refresh yourself on the basics and correct any bad habits you might have developed.
3. Practice songs 1-21. Play each song until you can play all notes and rhythms correctly and are using proper dynamics and expression. Playing along with the metronome and backing tracks will help.


Rockin' Rod's 8th Notes Worksheet #2 in Google Classroom

Rockin' Rod's 8th Notes Worksheet #2

Install the Kami extension on your computer first. Instructions are included in another post.

Once you have Kami installed, you will be able to complete and turn in this worksheet.

Write in the counts under the rhythms either by writing them in with your mouse or by inserting text boxes. Be sure to align the counts under the correct notes and rests.