6th Period 4B-2022 FBA-Q1 Assignments

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Assignment 10/05 in Google Classroom

Assignment 10/05

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills(There is no attachment, create your own google doc) 
Write a letter, letting your favorite teacher know how much you appreciate them. Share what you enjoy about their class and thank them. (We will give them the letter. Include their name on the letter. )
3. A Career Project ( test grade)


Daily Warm UP 10/07 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm UP 10/07

What did you enjoy in this class and what did you learn most?


Daily Warm Up 10/05 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 10/05

Creating a google Doc share what company each entrepreneur created: 

Bill Gates
Michael Jordan 
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Bill Hewlett
Jerry Jones
Bill Bowerman


Assignment 10/01 in Google Classroom

Assignment 10/01

1. Daily Warm Up
2.  Practice typing Skills
Type a letter to your best friend. You can use the sheets up front to copy the format of how I want the letter to look. (Type the letter in your own words)

In the letter, let your friend know where you live now, what you enjoy about school, how your grades are and what you do on the weekends. Share what you want with your friend. If you don't have a friend, you can write to a teacher, a family member or whoever you want. Create a google doc and turn in. 
3. Make all missing assignment 
4. Movie & Nitro Type use your headsets


Daily Warm Up 10/01 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 10/01

What is your favorite restaurant and share a photo of their logo. (Create a google doc)


Assignment 09/29 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/29

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills
3. Review Day 26 FBA mp4 video for instructions on what to do today. (Lesson plan also attached) Follow lesson plan for instructions on how to complete all assignments today.
4.  Review Personality Video 
5.Review Vocabulary for quest 1
6. Review VOcab for quest 2
7. Play Vocab game attached below for quest 1
8. Complete Personality Test


Daily Warm Up 09/29 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/29

What is a personality? Name 2 different types of personalities(you can use google to find the answer) Create a google doc and attached it here. 


Daily Warm Up 09/27 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/27

What makes an entrepreneur successful? Name a successful entreprenuer(you can google it)


Assignment 09/27 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/27

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills "Born For Business" (Attached below)
3. Watch Day 3 Video FBA.MP4
4. Review Slides
5.Students will define conflict resolution using the Internet.
We will brainstorm feelings that may lead to conflict (anger, jealousy, etc.). 

We will review the role-playing activity. 
Students will role play the following scenarios with a group. 
             See attached Scenarios below. 

6. Create a rule sheet (as a Google Doc) of 5 to 10 rules for being safe on the Internet. 

7. Students will sign in to Everfi.  Complete the Ignition Modules


Daily Warm Up 09/23 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/23

Create a google doc.
What is a business logo? What is a slogan? 


Assignment 09/23 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/23

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills Timed
3. Complete Entrepreneurs with disabilities sheet(make a copy of attached document  to answer ) 
4. Go to everfi: If you haven't completed the modules 1-3 in  ignition, please do so. If you have completed the first three modules then complete modules 4 & 5. 
4. Complete any missing assignments (no matter how long ago we completed them) Check your infinite campus. 


Daily Warm Up 09/21 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/21

 Define digital netiquette?


Assignment 09/21 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/21

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Turn in any missing assignments
3. Complete Everfi Modules from Friday
Module 1: Connections and community.
Module 2: Safety and Privacy. .
Module 3: Screen Time vs Online Time.

4. Watch 2 videos Cyber Safety & Being safe on the internet  on your own
5. Open  Google slides (attached below) and we will discuss what is expected to be on them. Each of the 6 slides will have:
Picture showing how to be safe on the internet.
Rule for being safe on the internet.
Explanation of the picture.


Assignment 09/17 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/17

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills
3. Complete Digital Citizens google slides
4. Log in to Everfi (See log in information in stream) Students will complete modules in www.everfi.com

Module 1: Connections and community.

Module 2: Safety and Privacy. .

Module 3: Screen Time vs Online Time.


Assignment 09/13 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/13

1. Daily Warm up 
2. Complete Missing Assignment
3.  Practice Typing Skills 
4. Click on Brain POP links about computer Programming do them in the order below: (If you cannot log into brain pop please watch the YouTube video)

A. Related Reading 
B. Computer Programming Brain POP Link
C. Watch Brain POP Youtube video
D.Brain POP Challenge
E. Brain POP Quiz


Assignment 08/27 in Google Classroom

Assignment 08/27

1. Daily Warm Up in your journal: Picture your future in 10 years, what would that look like. How would you achieve that? 

2. Practice Typing Skills: Perseverance (PDF attached) 

3.  Complete all missing assignments and turn in. 

4. Review FBA DAY 8 Lesson plan 

5. Review Day 12 FBA MP4

6. Review all three pixel art videos


Assignment 08/31 in Google Classroom

Assignment 08/31

Happy Tuesday! 
Google LIVE meet is attached below with today's instruction. 

1. Answer the question of the day. 

2. Watch Entrepreneurship Video

3.  Practice Typing Skills: Create a google doc and practice your typing skills. Attach the assignment and turn in.

4. Complete all unfinished work for this class.


What would you enjoy learning in this class?  in Google Classroom

What would you enjoy learning in this class?


Practice Typing Skills in Google Classroom

Practice Typing Skills

Create a google Doc & save/submit it! 
What do you want to be when you get older? Why? How much money would you like to make? 

 Ensure that you use proper grammar and punctuation.