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Daily Assignment 10/06 in Google Classroom

Daily Assignment 10/06

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Typing Test
3. Movie


Daily Warm Up 10/06 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 10/06

What did you enjoy in this class and what did you learn most?


Extra Credit assignment to increase your grade in Google Classroom

Extra Credit assignment to increase your grade

Please complete "My Entrepreneur" Presentation below.  The My entrepreneur presentation rubric is below, please follow it. Everything you need on the slides is listed. 


10/04 One Page Typing Test in Google Classroom

10/04 One Page Typing Test

To view your assignment go to


Daily Warm Up 10/04 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 10/04

Creating a google Doc share what company each entrepreneur created: 

Bill Gates
Michael Jordan 
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak
Bill Hewlett
Jerry Jones
Bill Bowerman


Assignment 10/04 in Google Classroom

Assignment 10/04

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills: Write a letter, letting your favorite teacher know how much you appreciate them. Share what you enjoy about their class and thank them. (We will give them the letter. Include their name on the letter. )
3. Complete Exam below
4. Complete Typing Test 
5. Complete accounting flash cards
6. Watch Youtube video attached below. 
7. Complete Missing Work


Daily Warm Up 09/30 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/30

Create a google doc and define these words: 

Personal Finance
Public finance
Corporate finance


Assignment 09/30 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/30

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills (PDF attached below "business success is different for everyone")
3. Review the lesson plan attached below 
4. Use your headsets and listen to Day 23 FIF MP4 Video Attached We will go over the risk management slides. 
5. Review all videos attached below. 
6. Complete Everfi  the EVERFI Module 7 Insurance 
7. Complete any missing assignments


Daily Warm Up 09/28 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/28

Why is budgeting important? What is the definition of fixed income? What is the definition of equity?


Assignment 09/28 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/28

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills "Born For Business" (Attached below)
3. Watch Attached videos 
4. In Everfi complete the everfi modules:
 Module 1: Banking Basics
 Module 2: Income & Employment
 Module 3: Budgeting

5. Complete Money Magic game
6. Check IC for any missing assignments and complete them


Daily Warm Up 09/24 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/24

Share with me a successful entrepreneur and their net worth. What kind of business do they have and what year did they start the business?


Assignment 09/24 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/24

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills (Timed)
3. Student Loans Google Slides
4.Complete Money Magic
5. Review Credit Card Video
6. Review Loan Video 
7. In Everfi complete the EVERFI modules:
 Module 1: Banking Basics
 Module 2: Income & Employment
 Module 3: Budgeting


Assignment 09/22 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/22

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Complete Budget Assignment from Monday. 
3. Watch video (credit vs debit)attached below
4. Go to and complete first 2 modules in future smart
5. Review Article ATM Card, Debit Card Credit Card
6. Watch the three youtube videos attached below
7. Create Google slides with the following information: (Be creative and share Pictures) 

Slide 1: What is a Credit
Slide 2. What is a Debit
Slide 3 What is a ATM Card
Slide 4. What is the difference between a debit and credit card
Slide 5. Share images of different types of credit and debit cards
Slide 6. What is a budget? 
Slide 7. What is a savings account?
Slide 8. What is a checking account?


Daily Warm Up 09/22 in Google Classroom

Daily Warm Up 09/22

What or who motivates you to do your best in all that you do?


Assignment 09/20 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/20

1. Daily Warm Up.
2. Practice Typing Skills 
3. I will discuss Budgets.
We will review the Budgeting Google Slides. 
We will view the videos below.
Budgeting video 1
Budgeting video  2

 4. Everfi Module 3: Budgeting

5. Play Financial Football

6. Creating a google Doc. You have an income of 3500.00 a month.  I want you to Create a Budget for yourself. List all the cost of your bills, expenses, and what you will save. You should not go over 3500.00 a month and have savings

Medical & Healthcare
Saving, Investing, & Debt Payments 
Personal Spending


Assignment 09/16 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/16

1. Daily Warm Up
2. Practice Typing Skills
3. Day 13/16 Video (MP4)
4. Banking Video
5. Stocks and Bonds Video
6. Everfi(create account if you don't have one with instructions that I put in the stream) Do first three vaults. 
7. Watch Moral Stories


Assignment 09/14 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/14

1. Daily Warm up 
2. Complete Missing Assignment
3.  Practice Typing Skills 
4. Click on Brain POP links about Budgeting and complete all assignments. Log into google using your google account. 


Assignment 09/10 in Google Classroom

Assignment 09/10

Hi Class,
Here's  a workaround for your assignments in Brain POP if it doesn't allow you to log in: 

1. Go to Brainpop in your browser and 
2. When you log in please use the
 user name: Glynnpop 
password: learn

Let me know if that works. Do not use the link that I provided. Type brainpop in your browser. You will need to screen shot the quiz results.

1. Answer question of the day in stream. Answer question under stream tab and do not create a google doc to share with me. 

2. Go over Budget Slides

3. Watch Budgeting video on Brain pop

4. Complete the quiz on brain pop.


Assignment 08/30 in Google Classroom

Assignment 08/30

1. Daily Warm Up in your journal: Picture your future in 10 years, what would that look like. How would you achieve that? 

2. Practice Typing Skills: Perseverance (PDF attached) 

3.  Answer Question of the Day 

4. Review Budgeting Slides & Write down the vocabulary in the slides. (We will do a short quiz) 

5. Review Budgeting Videos

Please email me with any questions you may have. [email protected]


Practice Typing Skills in Google Classroom

Practice Typing Skills

Open a google doc and practice your typing skills . Pick up handout from the front of the classroom.


What would you enjoy learning in this class?  in Google Classroom

What would you enjoy learning in this class?