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Wilburn Chad Albright

Glynn Middle School

635 Lanier Blvd

Brunswick, GA 31520

Phone: 912-267-4150

Fax: 912-262-4949



Courses Taught: 

Virtual Edgenuity



B.S.Ed., West Georgia College, Carrollton, Georgia (June 1994)

M.Ed  Jacksonville State University Al. (April 2000)

ED.S. Jacksonville State University Al. (June 2001)



The Edgenuity Student Experience
Take a tour of the Edgenuity student experience.





Syllabus and Course Outline for Virtual/Distance Learning

Success Academy’s Edgenuity – Coach Albright

Purpose of the Course

            Welcome to Success Academy’s Edgenuity program.  Our program is an online learning program that provides a virtual classroom experience with the support of a certified Glynn County school teacher.  Courses provide the necessary rigor, while allowing students to work at their own pace.  High school courses in all core content areas, as well as some electives are available.  The program is self-paced, which means that even though there are certain assignments that have to be completed each day in order to complete the course on time, you are not limited to just doing those assignments.  You can work more hours to get ahead.  From home, go to this website and log in as you are logging in to the computer at school.  You can go the school website and under students, select Edgenuity. You can check your progress on a daily basis.  A red bar indicates that you are behind.  A blue bar indicates that you are on task.  Finally, a green bar indicates that you are ahead. 

Evaluation Procedures

            If you successfully complete all the required content (lessons, assignments, quizzes, tests, essays, etc.), and receive at least 70% for this class, you will receive credit for this class.  

Edgenuity Procedures

1) You are expected to work from home during your scheduled class time and dedicate at least the same amount of time to your Edgenuity class each day. Attendance will be taken daily.

2)  To log in follow these procedures:

Click on this link or go to Glynn Middle School's website and go to student tab and click on the link that says Edgenuity.

You must type your pin# as your username and your Glynn Middle School computer password for password. 

3)  If you cannot log in, email me during school hours and I will give you an alternate log in.  

4) It is going to be very important for you to take notes and read passages, and stay on track since you are going to be working on your own.  

5) You are required and expected to answer every question the first time around.  Not just the multiple-choice questions.

 6)   Any instructions and assignments that have a failing grade may be reset and you must do it over.  So, review each of the questions on the warm ups, instructions, and assignments, and write them down, so that you have the correct answers.  

7)  If you fail a quiz, don't take the next right away.  Go back and get the answers to the questions you missed and then attempt your next quiz.  Make sure you take good notes.  If you exceeded your attempts, email me and I will give you an added quiz attempt.  

8)  When you are ready to take your test, you need to do the following:  Send me a testing pledge (see below) to my Edgenuity email.   Go to the upper right hand corner in Edgenuity and click on the envelope.  Find my name and in the subject, write Test Pledge and the name of the unit.  You will also need to send me an email to my school email to let me know that you sent your pledge. (I don't get notices when Edgenuity email arrives) Please note that tests remain open within 15 minutes after I unlock it.  If you don't start the test within the time frame, the test will close and you will need to let me know so that I can open it again.  



Edgenuity Test Honor Code Pledge



Test Name:

Type and complete with your name the statement below:

I, (student name), pledge on my honor that I will not accept any assistance on this test. This includes but is not limited to: notes, websites, cell phone, family members, etc.


9)  Any other issues, just email me at   or, If you want to schedule a meeting in Google Meets, send me an email, and I will arrange the meeting.

 10)  It is very important that you stay on track with your class.  Check your progress daily to ensure this.  If you fall behind, you will need to work extra time to catch up.  


To have Success in this Course

 ALWAYS take good notes and keep them organized in a notebook or folder.

       ALWAYS listen carefully to the lectures.
       ALWAYS read supplemental activities.
      Make sure you understand the concept before taking a quiz. Ask the teacher for help if you do not.
      Remember your target date! Do not let yourself get behind in your work or you will not finish your class on                time.



We have read and understand the syllabus and course outline and will feel free to discuss any problems or questions directly with Coach Albright.


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The Edgenuity Student Experience