Cheryl Delaney » Welcome to Spanish!! 

Welcome to Spanish!! 

Welcome to Spanish!!  This course will focus on the development of communicative competence in the Spanish language.  There will also be a focus on the understanding of the culture(s) of the people who speak Spanish.  Most students will have minimal or no prior knowledge of the language and culture.  


The major means of communication between student and teacher (eventually) will be in Spanish.  Students will begin formal language learning at various stages of their cognitive development, and I will adjust vocabulary and content to reflect developmentally appropriate interests.


An important component of Spanish class is the use of Spanish beyond the classroom in the real world. The integration of technology is an important tool in accessing authentic information in the Spanish language and in providing students the opportunity to hear and interact with a variety of native speakers within the Spanish-speaking countries.


The use of basic greetings, farewells, expressions of courtesy, simple descriptions, basic directions, days of the week, months of the year, the date, the colors, the numbers, the time, and weather can be practiced daily after leaving school.  Parents as well as students will become proficient quickly if time is taken each day to practice in Spanish.  


Throughout the course the following topics will be combined into coherent thematic units and taught in a communicative context—celebrations, clothes, customs, etiquette, family/friends, geography, parts of the body, school, classroom routine and self.  


Please refer to the calendar daily to see exactly what we are doing in class.  This way you, as well as the student, will become more and more proficient each day.