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Georgia Milestone Prep

Georgia Milestone Prep "The Carpenter"

If you are learning at home today, please complete the packet "The Carpenter."


"The Fun They Had" Classwork

When you feel that you have fully understood the text, answer the following questions in  and  to back up your response.

1.How old are Margie and Tommy?

2. What did Margie write in her diary? Why did she consider this an important event?

3. Had Margie ever seen a book before? How do you know?

4. What things about the book did they find strange?

5. What do you think a "telebook" is?

6. Where was Margie's school? Did she have any classmates?

7. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

8. What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have?

9. Why did Margie's mother send for the County Inspector?


Distance Learning Question in Google Classroom

Distance Learning Question

How do you feel about a system of education where students learn only by computer?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the system, specifically to middle schoolers?


Figurative Language Valentine Sort in Google Classroom

Figurative Language Valentine Sort

How many of these examples of Figurative Language can you explain and sort?

1.  "Sweet as pie"
2.  "Head over Heels"
3.  "Soft spot in my Heart"
4.  "Swept Off my Feet"
5. "Cute as a Button"
6.  "Face Glowing like the Sun"
7.  "Broken Heart"
8.  "Heart of Gold"
9.  "Love is a Journey"
10.  "Change of Heart"
11.  "Smile is a ray of sunshine"
12.  "Life is a Bed of Roses"
13.  "Bottom of my Heart"
14.  "Pretty as a Picture"
15.  "Music to my Ears"

Explain what each means and sort between:


Favorite Poets in Google Classroom

Favorite Poets

Pick one of the following poets to research today.  
1.  Shel Silverstein
2.  Emily Dickinson
3.  Langston Hughes
4.  Walt Whitman

Pick two poems that you enjoy. 
1.  What are the rhyme schemes used?
2.  Why do you enjoy the poet?
3.  What topics do the poets tend to write about?


Casey at the Bat - Comprehension Quiz in Google Classroom

Casey at the Bat - Comprehension Quiz

Please complete this copy of the quiz.


"The Jacket" Notes and Classwork

Please open this assignment using Google Docs so you can write directly onto the worksheets.  We will use these to keep track of the information in the memoir.


Have you ever wanted a certain item of clothing or shoes just to fit in?   in Google Classroom

Have you ever wanted a certain item of clothing or shoes just to fit in?

Answer the question open and honestly.



Vocabulary: "The Jacket"

Please define the following words.  Copy the definitions into your Reader's Notebooks - Word Study section.  Then, illustrate the word below the definition.  This will be graded as a participation grade.  Please complete and take a photo to send me, if working from home.  
1.  vinyl
2. profile
3. swoop
4.  terrorist
5.  mope 

Use the Quizlet to help you remember the words!


Harriet Tubman Test in Google Classroom

Harriet Tubman Test

Complete the test. You may not use the story.


"A Glory Over Everything" Vocabulary Quiz

Please complete this vocabulary quiz if you are learning at home.  Please do not use your notes.  
Honor System.


Nonfiction Text - Pre-test in Google Classroom

Nonfiction Text - Pre-test

Please take the online copy of this pretest ONLY IF YOU ARE HOME FROM SCHOOL.  Otherwise, you will receive a paper copy in class.


"The Outsiders" Final Test

Today, you will take the final test on our novel, "The Outsiders."  You may use your book and notebook for the test.


Test #2 in Google Classroom

Test #2

If you are unhappy with your score, try this test.  I will take the higher grade.


Monday: Classroom Stations Activity in Google Classroom

Monday: Classroom Stations Activity

Today, we will work in groups to rotate through stations about the culture during "The Outsiders."  We will use this knowledge to explore the themes of prejudice in the novel.  Each group member will need to support, complete, and submit their own worksheets as a Project Grade.  Open the worksheets using Google Docs or Kami, or complete on the worksheet provided.  


CH 9 Questions

CH 9 Questions "The Outsiders"

Please complete after reading CH 9.  Click on the file below and then choose "Open with Google Docs" to import the questions into your response.


Chapter 8 Questions in Google Classroom

Chapter 8 Questions

Please read CH 8 in "The Outsiders."  Then, complete the questions below.


Monday's Open-Ended Review Questions in Google Classroom

Monday's Open-Ended Review Questions

Please answer before class.

THOUGHT QUESTION… Do you feel that Cherry is also an “outsider” or a true Soc?  Explain and support your claim with evidence from chapter 3.

FORESHADOWING…This is a device the author uses to give a hint that something is about to happen… (Things gotta get better, I figured. They couldn’t get worse. I was wrong.)


Ch 4 Questions in Google Classroom

Ch 4 Questions

Please complete.


"The Outsiders" CH 1-3 QUIZ

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.
1.  Explain why Ponyboy likes to go to the movies alone.
2.  Infer why Ponyboy so reluctant to tell Darry how he really feels after being jumped.
3.  According to Ponyboy, contrast Dally from the rest of the guys.
4.  Infer the reason for Dally's inappropriate language with the girls at the movies.
5.  Explain why the girls are okay with Johnny and Pony. but not Dally.
6.  Describe the attack on Johnny.  Why do you think the attack was so traumatic to him?
7.  Discuss Cherry's description of the Socs.
8.  Explain the reference to watching the sunset.  Why is it an important part of the buildup of the relationship between Cherry Valance and Ponyboy?
9.  Infer why does Johnny say he likes it better when his father is hitting him.
10.  What do you predict will happen next in the story?


Study Guide for Gary Paulsen Test in Google Classroom

Study Guide for Gary Paulsen Test

We are going to have a test on our mentor author, Gary Paulsen.  Be familiar with the notes on Gary, vocabulary, and stories we have read together.
Gary Info:
1.  Why did Gary Paulsen move around frequently growing up?
2.  How did Gary Paulsen feel about school?  Why?
3.  Describe Gary Paulsen's home life.  
4.  What life changing event happened to Gary at 14 years old?
5.  Was Gary Paulsen a good student?
6.  List 3 of Gary Paulsen's teenage jobs.
7.  List of Paulsen's adult jobs.
8.  List 3 novels Paulsen has written.
9.  What does Paulsen's second wife do for a living?
10.  Is Paulsen still alive?  If so, how old is he?
11.  What is the Iditarod?
12.  What is PAulsen's connection to the Iditarod?

1.  Who is Scarhead?
2.  Why type of atmosphere did Paulsen live in?
3.  Why did bears come to Paulsen's home?
4.  According to Paulsen, what is the danger in naming wild animals?
5.  Why does Scarhead threaten to attack Paulsen?
6.  How does Paulsen reach to Scarhead's threat?
7.  Why did the bears avoid the chicken's and goat's food?
8.  Do you think Paulsen continues to treat wild animals as pets?  Why?

1.  What is the name of Paulsen's lead dog?
2.  What causes Paulsen's accident?
3.  What does Paulsen say race teams are trained to do?
4.  Why does Paulsen let the dogs go?
5.  How many miles was this training session?
6.  What supplies did Paulsen keep with him on the sled?
7.  What was removed from the bridge?
8.  What is an anecdote?  
(Anecdote: a short, entertaining story about one single event.)
9.  How do you think Paulsen felt when the dogs returned?
10.  After reading the story, do you believe that humans and animals can share a special bond?  Why?


Nonfiction Book Club Survey in Google Classroom

Nonfiction Book Club Survey

Please complete this survey for me.  Rank each topic from 1-5.  You can only use the number once.


Flocabulary: Setting in Google Classroom

Flocabulary: Setting

Follow the link to complete your Flocabulary assignment


Onomatopoeia in Google Classroom


Please use the story to complete the worksheet on Onomatopoeia.

On-o-mat-o-poe-ia:  noun.  The formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named.  (Ex: cuckoo, sizzle.)


"All-American Slurp" Vocabulary

Please write these words and their definitions into the WORD STUDY section of your Reader's Notebooks.


Achieve 3000 - Tuesday, September 7th in Google Classroom

Achieve 3000 - Tuesday, September 7th

Please log into Achieve 3000 via Clever today to complete two separate articles: "American Laundry Story" and "From Little Havana to Chinatown."  

The articles will be graded.


"President Cleveland, Where Are You?" QUIZ

Please complete the President Cleveland Quiz.  Please use the entire period to test your knowledge on the story.


The Great Depression in Google Classroom

The Great Depression

Today you will read through the article on The Great Depression.  Then, you will answer the questions on the Google Form.  
We will also review vocabulary, story, and answer questions in our Google Meet to prepare for the quiz tomorrow.


Achieve 3000 Vocabulary in Google Classroom

Achieve 3000 Vocabulary

Today, you will work on 2 separate stories in Achieve 3000:  "Hard Times" and "Who's Who in Hooverville?"
The following vocabulary words need to be defined for each story.  Use a dictionary,, or google to find the definitions:

Hard Times
1.  economic
2.  inauguration
3.  invest
4.  prosperity
5.  unsustainable

1.  accommodation
2.  bankrupt
3.  domino effect
4.  makeshift
5.  ramshackle


Think Deeper Questions in Google Classroom

Think Deeper Questions

After reading and discussing the story today, please watch the video posted.  Then, complete the questions for a grade.  Please use best grammar and mechanics:  answers should be in complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation.  Questions are due today, Monday, August 30, 2021.


Achieve 3000 Level Set in Google Classroom

Achieve 3000 Level Set

Learning from HOME?  
Please use Thursday and Friday to carefully take the Achieve 3000 Level Set Test.  You will need to log into Clever to take this test.  Please follow the directions below:
1.  Go to the Glynn Middle School homepage.
2.  Click on Students tab.
3.  Click on Clever log in.
4.  Username: student pin number
      Password: birthdate (EX: 07/07/2010)
5. Click on Achieve 3000 icon.
6.  Choose C. Kennedy - Reading from the drop-down menu.
7.  Choose your location.
8.  Take the test.  

When you are finished with the test, you can close the application and read from your independent reading book.  You can use both days for this test, so please TAKE YOUR TIME.  Your score will automatically report to me.


Vocabulary - Review in Google Classroom

Vocabulary - Review

Please copy these sentences into the Word Study section of your Reader's NB.  Complete each sentence using one of our vocabulary words:
1.  allotted
2.  indifferent
3.  contempt
4.  indignant
5.  obsessed
6.  dwindled
7.  incredulous
8.  divulge
9.  stalemate
10. lethargic


Thank You, Ma'am Quiz Questions in Google Classroom

Thank You, Ma'am Quiz Questions

After reading the passage, "Thank you, Ma'am" please answer the 10 multiple choice questions.