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Mary Catherine Sexon

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My name is Mary Catherine Sexton, and I am the Parent Involvement Coordinator for Glynn Middle School. I am very excited to have this opportunity to work with our students and their families. I have lived in Glynn County for 9 years and have three children in the Glynn County School System; a daughter in the 9th grade at Glynn Academy, a son in 6th grade at Glynn Middle School, and a son in Pre-K at Oglethorpe Point Elementary School. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and am currently working on obtaining my Masters in Education and School Counseling.


As Parent Involvement Coordinator, my focus will be on state and district goals and standards for Title I programming related to parent involvement. I will serve as the liaison between Glynn Middle School and you, the parents, to ensure that every student’s needs are met. I will serve as a school-based intermediary contact for any parent concern, will aid parents with obtaining resources to navigate and understand students’ educational needs, and will help parents advocate and participate in their child’s education. I encourage parents to partner with us in the education of our students, so I will be inviting all families to upcoming school events. Please join us! I am looking forward to meeting each and every Glynn Middle School parent. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns. I can be reached at (912) 267-4150 extension 2108 and by email at [email protected].



Mary Catherine Sexton


Upcoming Events for Parents and Families at GMS
August 22 - 7th Grade Family Academy at 6pm
August 24 - 6th Grade Family Academy at 6pm
August 29 - 8th Grade Family Academy at 6pm
September 8 - Grandparent's Day "Grits with Grands" Breakfast at 7:30am 
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