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Title I Information

It's Fall...and time once again for our Annual Title I Meeting !!
The purpose of this meeting is to provide our Parents, Learning Coaches, and Stakeholders with information about our Title I program and your right to be involved in your child's education.  Items and documents such as the School wide plan, the Title I policy, Parent and Family engagement Policy, School Compacts and the Family Engagement of Staff and Parent trainings are reviewed. Please add this important event to your calendars.
You will find the Agenda for the meeting at this link.
Click HERE for access to the live meeting !

Title I is a part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA). Title I is a federally funded program, which provides services to schools based on student economic need. Schools are ranked according to percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunches and are funded in descending order until funds are depleted. Title I is designed to support state and local school reform efforts tied to challenging state academic standards in order to reinforce and enhance efforts to improve teaching and learning for students. Title I programs must be based on effective means of improving student achievement and include strategies to support parent-family engagement..

Title I programs are either schoolwide or targeted assistance. Schools must have a 40% free and/or reduced lunch count for students to qualify as a Title I school. In Glynn County, nine of ten elementary schools and four middle schools receive Title I, Part A funds to support their schoolwide programs. Additionally, Morningstar Academy receives Title I, Part A funds to support their targeted assistance program. Funds at each facility are used to hire additional personnel to reduce class size and to purchase supplemental instructional and technological materials to help impact student achievement.

Schoolwide programs have plans that address the following ten components:

  1. A comprehensive needs assessment of the school
  2. Proven methods and strategies for student learning, teaching, and school management based on scientific research and effective practices
  3. Instruction by professionally qualified teachers
  4. High quality, ongoing, professional development based on scientifically based research for teachers, principals, and paraprofessionals
  5. Strategies to attract high-quality, professionally qualified teachers to high-need schools
  6. Strategies to increase parent involvement, such as family literacy services
  7. Plans for assisting pre-school children in the transition from early childhood programs
  8. Measures to include teachers in decisions regarding the use of academic assessments
  9. Activities to ensure that students having difficulty mastering the proficient or advanced levels of academic achievement standards are provided with effective, timely, additional assistance
  10. Coordination and integration of federal, state, and local services and programs 

The Parent Resource Center, which is funded through the Title I program, is open Monday through Friday from 7:15 am to 3:15 pm. You'll find us conveniently located in the Administrative Hallway across from the Nurse's Office, in room number 1150. In our Parent Resource Center, parents can  check out resources, whether needed to assist your student or needed for parent related issues and concerns. We offer educational games, workbooks, great reading materials and educational aids that will encourage student success through parent involvement. Feel free to reach out to Jennifer Wilcoxon, Parent Involvement Coordinator at (912)267-4150 Ext 2108, or email at jennifer.wilcoxon@glynn.k12.ga.us

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