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Hurricane Newsletters

Constitution Day Friday, September 17
September 17th is Constitution Day.  On this day in 1787, George Mason stood up for his principles by refusing to sign the just-finished United States Constitution.  A new video from Gunston Hall explains a few of George Mason's "objections" to this new government.  
September Parent Academy! Please join us on September 23, 2021.  As always, meetings will be recorded for later viewing to accommodate family schedules. HERE is the link to the Parent Academy Homepage.
It's Fall... and time once again for our Annual Title I Meeting !!!  As the name suggests, we hold this meeting every year ... so what is the deal?  
The Purpose of this meeting is to provide our Parents, Learning Coaches, and Stakeholders with information about our Title I program and your right to be involved in your child's education. 
Items and documents such as the School Wide plan, Title I policy, Parent and Family Engagement Policy, School Compacts, and Family Engagement Staff and Parent trainings are reviewed. 
The Glynn County Schools Parent Academy was created to engage families in becoming full partners in their child's education by offering them training, information, and assistance.  To find the 1st Parent Academy course, click HERE. 
While we are in our "Distance Learning" phase, we have a few pointers to assist you! You, the parents, the guardians, the angels in your students' lives, can be the LEARNING HERO. Below, please find resources to assist you during this time. 
Make Learning Fun and Motivating ! click HERE
Questions to Ask Your Child's Teacher Right from the Start ! Be a Learning Hero
Start HERE
Welcome back to school everyone! We are very excited to begin our 2021-2022 School Year! 
You will encounter structures of great beauty, with construction techniques that seem beyond human. This is a story about us, about how our building culture has shaped the way that we think about the places in which we live, and how we choose the value in our built environment.
This journey begins with beauty, beauty from models that captured our attention, the craftsmanship of extreme technical precision. The geometric compositions seem miraculous.
The drawings and the models beg the questions.. How were these made? Who was behind it? What were the cultural conditions that led to the development of these techniques?
Feast your eyes.... and perhaps be inspired by those pesky Math classes... THIS is where the road leads.
Parents! The National Park Service was established on August 25, 1916 when President Woodrow Wilson signed the Organic Act to create the agency that would oversee America's national parks.  At the time, just 35 sites made up the National Park System.
Today, thanks to Acts of Congress, national monument designations by U.S. presidents, and the generosity of people like you, there are over 400 parks and monuments that comprise our beloved National Park System.
August 25 is now know as NPS Birthday and is also a fee-free day. For every park supporter, it is a day to celebrate the magnificent park system we've all played a role in building and protecting. We encourage you to celebrate NPS 105th birthday by visiting a park near you and revel in the cultural and natural places you love and protect.
Grab those water bottles, throw on your walking shoes and head to Cumberland Island National Seashore or Fort Frederica National Monument to take advantage of this birthday gift!
After school education and development.  The Boys & Girls Club, known as the Hurricane Club here at Glynn Middle School, offers a wide range of programs.
Learn more at
or call (912)267-4150 Ext 2816
The Brunswick Mural Project - Why Art? Why Murals?
The arts sub-committee is creating murals in downtown Brunswick to help heal and build community.  Something powerful happens when public art enters a community.  When artists and the community come together to create art that reflects a community's history, aspirations, dreams and local culture, the community responds with recognition and pride. It is a beautiful thing!
The Brunswick Muralists Exhibit featuring the works of artists who have contributed to the Brunswick Mural Project, and will be on display from 10a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays through October 8 at Glynn Visual Arts, 106 Island Drive, St. Simons Island. An outdoor opening reception will be held from 5-7 p.m. Aug 19th. Masks are required in the galleries. Parents, this is a great opportunity to nurture your budding artists!
YMCA is hosting
a 14 week program for Middle - High school aged students. It is every Thursday @ 6:30 pm.  Sign up can be done at the Y or online  here. The 12 to 18 years old age group is one of the most important  age groups in our nation, they are our future generation of doctors, politicians, philanthropists, and artists. We need to start molding their minds and bodies now to ensure their successful futures.  That starts at the Y!
August 26th through November 18, 2021
the Y is offering one class per week that teaches students basic skills that will be needed in life including paying taxes, car maintenance, home care, digital and social media etiquette, mental health awareness, and so much more. And guess what... it's FREE !
Let's Start this Year by Focusing on Learning Gains!
Instead of lamenting learning loss or stressing about how far behind the pandemic has put your student in the curriculum, I encourage you to start this school year asking your students to reflect on how they grew because of the pandemic. I can name 5 soft skills that students developed ..let's start with .....1-flexibility,..... 2-time management.....3-communication....... 4- self-motivation or goal-setting and ..........5- responsibility or independence. It was difficult, yes. It was messy, yes, but the pandemic forced many students to become more independent, and it created conditions for developing the communication skills, adaptability, and resilience that employers and colleges will look for. It would be a shame to return to normal without acknowledging any growth that occurred during the pandemic.  A reflection that helps us learn more about our students and celebrate their accomplishments and resilience is the perfect way to begin this year.