6th Grade Brass and Perc- Period 4-FY Assignments

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Angels We Have Remixed in Google Classroom

Angels We Have Remixed

Click the link below to record and submit a video of Angels We Have Remixed, measures 41-end.


Sound Innovations Online in Google Classroom

Sound Innovations Online

1. Click the link below to visit the website for Sound Innovations.

2.Click the green "Activate Product" button and enter in your 5 digit code. The code is on the back cover of your SI book in the lower left corner. Once your account is activated, you will have access to all of the videos, backing tracks, and other resources in SI Online.

3. Watch all of the videos in the "Ready, Set, Play" section and the "First Sounds" section. Follow along with the videos to practice assembling and holding your instrument. 

4. If you like, you can try to learn how to play the songs on page 5. These are the songs we will focus on next week. Don't worry if you have trouble, we will be able to get everyone playing with a good sound when we return to school.


Instrument Question in Google Classroom

Instrument Question

When we begin with instruments, everyone should have the following:
An Instrument (percussionists will need their stick bag and a bell kit)
Sound Innovations Book One
Cleaning/Care Kit
Wire Stand
If you have all of these items, answer below with "I have everything"

If you do not have all of these items, answer below with which items you still need to get. This will help me know what everyone's status is for when we begin using instruments.


Rockin' Rod's Rhythm Worksheet #1 in Google Classroom

Rockin' Rod's Rhythm Worksheet #1

Install the Kami extension on your computer first. Instructions are included in another post.

Once you have Kami installed, you will be able to complete and turn in this worksheet.

Write in the counts under the rhythms either by writing them in with your mouse or by inserting text boxes. Be sure to align the counts under the correct notes and rests.